martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans

White Shirt

Walked into the room u know u made my eyes burn

it was like, James Dean- for sure

U so fresh to death & sick as ca-cancer

you were sorta Punk Rock, I grew up on Hip Hop

but u fit me better than my favourite sweater- and I know

that luv is mean, and luv hurts

but I still remember that day we met in december

Oh Baby!

I will luv u till the end of time

I would wait 1,000,000 years

promise u'll remember that ur mine

Baby can u see through the tears

Luv u more

than those bitches before

say u'll remember -Oh Baby- Say u'll remember

I will luv u till the end of time

Big dreams


said u had o leave to star ur life over

I was like- "No please" Stay here

We don't need no money we can make it all work

but he headed out on sunday, said he'd come

home monday

I stayed up waitin, anticipatin and pacin but he has

chasing paper

caught up in the game- that was last

I heard

He went out every night

and Baby that's alright

I told u that no matter what u did I'd be by your side

cause I'm a ride or die

whether u fail or fly

we'll shit @ least u tried.

but when u walked out that door- A piece of me


I told u I wanted more- but that not what I had in mind

I just want it like before

We were dancing all night

then they took u away- Stole u out of my life

U just need to remember...

that I will luv u till the end of time

I promise.


sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011


Ganas tú el segundo asalto

y lo haces sin mover tus brazos,

esto sí fue un gran impacto.

Golpeas bien, lo haces bien.

Love of Lesbian, Segundo Asalto.